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Starting Procedures:

The race will start in the middle of the farmstead promptly at 11am. It will be a mounted start with the racers positioned in their separate categories: Glory Individual, Glory Team, Joy Individual, and Joy Team. All participants must start the race with their bike bib and barcode on. Roll call will not be taken. You are responsible for being present before the start of the race. If you or your team’s first racer is not present at the start of the race, you MUST check in at the log tent before you start the race.

Race Classes Based on Age:

All age classifications are based on the age of each racer as of August 28, 2021. The minimum age for racing is 5 years old. All team members must be registered together either in the Joy Division or the Glory Division. The participant's age on the day of the race will be used to determine their eligible category. A team must consist of two members. The teams will be categorized by the combined age of the individuals making up the team.

Official Rules

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